The role of perspective in Biblical narrative: The Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1-15) - Workshop mit Jonathan Magonet

7. September 2017

14:00 Uhr, Koordinierungsausschuss für christlich-jüdische Zusammenarbeit, Tandelmarktgasse 5, 1020 Wien

The story of Moses' encounter with God at the 'burning bush' in Exodus 3 marks a dramatic turning point in his personal history and ultimately for the destiny of the Children of Israel. Among the textual puzzles are the changing names of God that appear there, and the drawn-out process leading to the revelation of the Tetragrammaton. We will examine some Biblical literary conventions that underly the narrative and their implications for traditional understandings of the text.

Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet is Emeritus Professor of Bible at Leo Baeck College, London where he was Principal 1985-2005. He is co-founder of the Annual International Jewish-Christian Bible Week (Haus Ohrbeck, Osnabrück), which celebrates its 50th anniversary next year. He has been a pioneer of Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue and is editor of the journal European Judaism. He is a visiting research Professor at Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan.

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