The Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Vienna sees itself as a place of academic research and study in dialogue with other sciences, with members of the public society and the Church.

The life and work of the faculty is influenced by the "genius loci" of its location Vienna. The history of this city makes Vienna a European focal point of different cultural worlds. Important political policy-makers as well as many international organisations are based in Vienna. Numerous Christian sister-churches, Jewish, Islamic and other religious communities come together in Vienna.

Being a university town, Vienna enjoys the dense presence of various research institutions, as well as other important social and religious institutions.

The geographical neighborhood to Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, especially to the former communist countries, bears a particular challenge for the faculty. That is why we encourage theological interaction with countries in this region.

Together with other faculties of the University of Vienna, the Faculty of Catholic Theology is committed "to reflect on the relationship between politics, power and science critically and self-critically, represent democratic principles internally and externally, advance the human and civil rights and stand up for their realisation, reduce national, religious and cultural barriers and support dialogue between cultures, nations and religions".


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