Neutraler Staat? Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die Autonomie von Religion, Kunst und Wissenschaft

19.6.2023, 17.30 Uhr, KTF Dekanatssaal

20.6.2023, 9 Uhr, Dachgeschoss Juridicum

Religion, science and art are linked by a claim to autonomy that is shaped by their respective self-image. To protect them, the state takes institutional precautions that reflect specific concepts of the "autonomy" of these spheres and thus of the meaning of the corresponding fundamental rights guarantees of freedom. This is also associated with normative guiding concepts of "neutral" state behavior toward these autonomous spheres. In a broader awareness, the religious-ideological neutrality of the state is the most important issue: What does it mean, and what are the structural differences and similarities in comparison to the prohibition of a state "science" or "art" judiciary?

After introductory reflections on the possibility of neutral statehood, the conference turns to the internal perspective and takes up the respective self-understanding of the holders of fundamental rights. A philosophical synthesis leads to a discussion of the different legal understandings of autonomy and neutrality. An empirical analysis of political discourses on neutrality will be the prelude to the concluding panel discussion with experts on cultural, scientific and religious policy.

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