In the field of research the Faculty of Catholic Theology focuses on:

  • Taking care of social responsibility
  • Ecumenism, interreligious and intercultural dialogue
  • Challenges and demands of her surrounding world, which are:
    • Two Theological Faculties at the University of Vienna with a variety of different subjects
    • The Catholic Church
    • Vienna as a location for multi-cultural and multi-religious society and as a crossing point between West-, East- and Southeast-Europe
    • The International Scientific Community in Theology, Study of Religions and its related fields i.e. Philosophy, Social Ethics

The structure of the Faculty with 7 Institutes and 15 Departments allows a wide range of different research fields, such as Theology of Spirituality and Patrology or Studies of Eastern Churches which are outstanding for Vienna as a location for academic studies.

Besides doing research in the different scientific disciplines, the Faculty also participates in several research platforms, places its emphasis on main topics as well as current theological discussions. Furthermore the Faculty aims to increase its projects financed by third-party funds.

The Faculty is committed to the quality management of the University of Vienna: