Workshop: Prayer, Pop and Politics - researching post-migrant religious youth culture


29. und 30. September 2017

Both  in  migration  studies and  in  religious  studies  there  is  an  increased  interest  in  research  on  the religious  engagement  of  (post-)  migrant  youth.  While  the  first  are  for  example  concerned  with identity  politics,  processes  of  boundary  drawing  and  minority  representation,  the  latter  focus  on issues of  a changing religious landscape and the diaspora situation of religious communities. From both  scholarly  perspectives, developments  in  youth  culture  are  crucial  to  understand  the consequences of the  renewed role of religions in Western societies.

Organized by MMag. Dr. Astrid Mattes and the research platform “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society"

Location: University of Vienna